Seduk mean stimulate your appetite to eat. Our restaurant has many great features to experience; one of which is the finest organic Balinese restaurant. The warung (restaurant) sits at the top of a hill overlooking our lush rice fields alongside a delightful flowing river. As you eat freshly prepared food direct from our organic garden, the sounds of the birds during the day or the frogs during the evening,will have you feeling one with nature. A soft breeze drifts in throughout the day to help you wind down and enjoy your meal.

We boast some of Bali’s best chefs. The food is old-style Balinese with western infusion, prepared with love and professionalism.. Much of the fresh produce is immediately hand-picked from our garden after.

If you are interested in trying KTS organic food  or KTS healthy  food with local price, please click the food  picture below !!


Spider Bar “life is all about connection and relation”. KTS Spider Bar is set up by legendary bartender who had experienced set up bar for various five star hotel such as  Nikko hotel, Rizt Calton, Four Season Resort & American Celebrity Cruise Line. Base on his experience above he continue to set up his own bar with beautiful open air lounge, infinity blessing frog pool, cozy restaurant and sport bar concept . All his cocktail is home made use fresh fruit, herb or fresh product.

If you are interested in trying his refreshing cocktail or his creation please click the drink  picture below !!   

If you wish to delivery order please contact us on : 0361  9002165 or 087 860 600 520 (whatsapp)

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