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  1. Batu Bulan is famouse art Village with famouse batic factory, stone, carving, as well silver

Batu bulan village is famous for its center of sculpture, batic factory, stone, carving, as well silver . The village of Batubulan is on a strategic route between Denpasar and the City of Gianyar. If you want to go to Kintamani, you must pass the Batubulan Village route.

2. Celuk Traditional Village Celuk Village is  a traditional village with famous gold and silver handicraft

(Famous for gold and silver crafts in Bali)

Celuk Gianyar Village is a center for the production of gold and silver crafts in Bali. Visitors who come not only can buy or choose gold and silver for their collections. The fame of Celuk Village as the center of gold and silver crafts began in the beginning of the development of tourism in Bali around 1976. Since then, Celuk Village has always been a tourist destination that is always visited by tourists.

3. Batuan Batuan Village is popular with center of Balinese painting arts.

(Famous for one of the oldest  temple in Bali)

Puseh Batuan Temple is the oldest Puseh temple in Bali, located in Dusun Tengah, the village of Batuan, Kec. Sukawati, Kab. Gianyar. Puseh lan Temple This village in Batuan was built in Isaka 944 or 1022 AD. Batuan Temple is part of Kahyangan Tiga which is commonly owned by every pekraman village in Bali, in the middle section of the courtyard is Bale Agung, Bale Kulkul and a Agung Kori.

The building of this temple stands majestically and beautifully, the walls of the building are made of red brick decorated with flower carvings. As is usual for temple buildings, it consists of 3 areas known as Nista Mandala (jaba sisi), Madya Mandala (jaba tengah) and Utama Mandala (offal) for each area bordered by walls and temples.

4. Ubud  is one of the traditional culture village, where  pray & love  movie took it.

(Famous for Ubud palace, Monkey forest, Lotus Restaurant and Tegallalang)

Ubud, precisely in the sub-district of Ubud, is located in the Gianyar regency, Bali. It is located between rice fields, forests and beautiful mountain ravines. Many interesting sights here

5. Monkey Forest is one of the wild rainforest with holy temple surrounded with funny monkey who love to play with visitor

(Famous for temple with a lot of wild monkey)

Monkey Forest Ubud is a nature reserve complex and a temple also known as the Mandala Suci Wenara Wana which has a mission to preserve the area based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana. Here are inhabited by hundreds of monkeys that are free to roam in nature. located on Monkey Forest Road, Padang Tegal Village, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali – Indonesia. The uniqueness of this place is that there are approximately 600 Long Tailed Balinese Kera that are free to roam in 5 places, namely; In front of the temple dalem, Michelin, east, center and cemetery. The beauty of the Ubud Monkey Forest increases when you see the three temples in it. The three temples are Pura Dalem Agung which is located in the southwest of the nature reserve area, this temple is the place of worship of Lord Shiva and the Recycler. The second is Pura Beji in the northwest of the nature reserve area which is used as a place of worship for the Goddess Ganga. This temple is also a sanctification place before the ceremony (piodalan) is initiated and also as a melukat or cleansing of oneself physically and mentally. The third temple is Pura Prajapati which is located in the east, this temple is adjacent to the cemetery. This temple is a place to worship Prajapati.

6. Melka Museum is one of  art and oldest museum in Bali

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