To ensure you have the most relaxing and pleasurable time with us here at KTS, we have a created a beautiful Balinese day spa.  Here you will receive, amongst other things, traditional Balinese style massage to help soothe away your aches and pains.  Immerse yourself in luxury spa treatments and pampering whilst surrounded by our unique antiques, water features and lush garden view.  Our treatments include manicures and pedicures, foot massage and more.


  • Balinese Full Body Massage / 60 Minutes

IDR 150.000 NET

Luxuriate in a 60 minute traditional healing and relaxation massage, which has been handed down through the generations. This technique uses long strokes and activation of acupressure points, renewing and strengthening the body.  The massage oil used at the Spa at Katak Tepi Sawah is rich in traditional herbs and spices to ensure your massage is truly revitalizing.

  • Foot Massage / 30 Minutes

IDR 90.000 NET

If you are short on time, call into the KTS Day Spa for a 30 minute foot treatment.  This deep and relaxing massage to the feet uses long strokes to relax and restore blood circulation.  Foot massage is an excellent rejuvenation therapy after walking in the area  or even after a day shopping in Seminyak.


  • Manicure (with or without polish) / 60 minutes

IDR 110.000 NET

Have you noticed that your hard working hands are often neglected?  Take a little time out to give them some nurturing at the KTS Day Spa.  After attending to your nails, your therapist will treat your hands to a gentle exfoliation and moisturising massage, making your manicure quite memorable.

  • Pedicure (with or without polish) / 60 minutes

IDR 110.000 NET

Relax from your soles up as your feet and lower legs are soothed and stimulated with a pedicure by your KTS Day Spa therapist.  The pedicure includes an aromatic foot soak, nail re-shaping, cuticle detail, scrub exfoliation, callus removal, and soothing massage with a moisturising lotion.