This prince frog story was taken from the story of a holyman from Bongancina Village named Jro Mangku Dewa Aji Artawan who was born on December 1st,1925.

The beginning of the formation of the world was in the form of empty planet. Lord Vishnu sent  animals  to live on the earth, it was blue frogs. Why frogs? because frogs could live in two places, such on the  land and in the water.  Every frog sounds, it was a sign that the rain will fall. You could say  that a frog called rain to come down to eart. If connected with rain it is a blessing of prosperity, that symbolized by Lord Vishnu as the God of prosperity. Through the rain falling, all the creatures in the world will be blessed. Because as we know all creatures really need water and fertility to sustain life on the earth. Besides the rain the presence of the sun becomes very important for the survival of creatures on the earth. The sun is a symbol of the Lord Surya (  God of Sun).

One day the entire surface of the  earth  was drought, all creatures desperately need water. Seeing these conditions on the earth a blue frog sound  tried  to call rain. Immediately the rain began to fall along with the sun shining.In that day was a very beautiful day where the power of Lord Visnu merged with the power of Lord Surya . That moment was a very rare and  a good sign for creatures on the earth. At the same time a beautiful angel descended to the  earth.

       Seeing the earth that was very beautiful and fertile  with the splashing of the rain and the beautiful of sun shine, the beautiful angel decided to stay on the earth. To  accompany her  life on the earth, she wanted to find a sweetheart to accompany his beautiful days on the earth.

She held  several  contests to find her sweetheart. So lucky the blue frog was chosen by the beautiful angel. The blue frog didn’t believe and  he felt  very embarrassed.

Even though frogs had a bad appearance, but because of the kindness of his heart and good intentions to call rain for the life of living things on earth. That’s why the angel fell in love with the frog. To prove her love, the Angel kissed the frog. A miracle the Frog turned into a very handsome prince. The incarnation of the frog was called the Prince of Frogs.In the end the beautiful angel lived happily with the  Prince Frog. 

From the story above we can take out the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be applied in our lives.

  1. Lord Vishnu: as a caretaker, protector, giving fertility (happiness), wise in making decisions.
  2. Lord Surya : as a source of strength, the nature of wanting to help unconditionally, a just nature that illuminates evenly.
  3. Blue Frog : Humanity, noble heart, figure  (willing to sacrifice), caring for others, optimistic, always grateful (although living in a dry or wet area), can adapt to any situation.
  4. Angels: Humility, sincerity, patience, faithful, and wise (although he has a beautiful face but choosed the Frog because of the frog’s heart)

         The message to be conveyed by Nyoman Sudiartawan (owner of KTS resort) through a statue of a prince of frogs is to spread the philosophy of kindness to all human beings, such as the characteristics of the main character of the story above. So, if you want to get blessings, take a bath at the KTS Blessing Pool please.