Why “KTS”?

Katak Tepi Sawah (KTS), describes a place near the rice fields where you can hear melodies from the katak (frog) in the evening. There’s an old saying that if you have frogs in your garden, you have a healthy environment.  We have lots of frogs at KTS which is indicative of our thriving, organic atmosphere that goes beyond the rice fields. KTS is also rich and genuine in culture, service, and hospitality.

Some more biblical fun facts: The frog is able to transition between land and water; and is a determinant of rain. In ancient Egypt, the frog is regarded as a fertility carrier as they are present in the Nile River right before it overflows, bringing fertility to the land. According to Blavatsky, the nature of amphibians appearing and disappearing make the frog one of the main creatures in the stories of creation.