Recommended Place around KTS Villas:

  1. Batu Bolong Beach,Echo Beach is great place for  Surfing,Sunbathing,Sunset, Buberqui and Fun Bar. 15 minutes by transportation .
  2. Tanah Lot Temple or sunset Temple 25 Minutes by transportation from KTS Villas.
  3. Buduk ,Prerenan and Kaba Kaba villages,It is good to see Green Rice Paddy view around 10-15 fr KTS Villas.
  4. Seminyak ,Legian and Kuta beach is great place for Shopping and Pancy Restaurant, Night light party. Around 20-35 minutes by transportation from KTS Villas.
  5. GWK one of the biggest and tallest statue in the world ,Bringing & Padang-Padang  beach nice place for Surfing , Uluwatu Temple is Sunset Temple, Around 45-60 minutes by transportation from KTS Villas.
  6. Taman Ayun Temple is Famous and one of the Secret Temple in Bali, it is Temple surrounded by large Pound it take around 20 minute by transportation from KTS Villas.
  7. Sangeh and Alas Kedaton Monkey forest is one of the heavy rain forest with Temple and it’s holy money life around the area. Around 30-45 minutes by transportation from KTS Villas.
  8. Jati Luwih is one of the heritages place chosen by UNISCO as of the greatest view of Green rice paddy and Nature. Around 35- 45 minutes by transportation from KTS Villas.
  9. Bedugul and Ulun Danu Temple is one of Tropical and Great place to see the Nature ( Mountain,Lake,Temple and Waterfall) Around 40- 55 minutes by transportation from KTS Villas.

1. KTS – Rice Padi – Tumbah Bayuh – Munggu – Tanah Lot









KTS Packages Tanah Lot tour including 100.K/person. minimum 2 person, max 4 person. This price not including entrance fee and performance fee but included :

  1. Car and driver speaking English
  2. Soft drink and Aqua water
  3. Stop at beautiful rice padi in Prerenan Villages
  4. Tanah Lot Temple

KTS Rice Padi and Tanah Lot Sunset Tour  is one of the closer  KTS Tour Packages and it will take 25 minutes by car or motorbike from KTS.It will visit  Tumbak Bayuh and Munggu Rice Terrace  of unfolding from the foot of mountain and then continue to see the fascinating view of sunset at Tanah Lot Temple and Back to KTS, to have Special packages Dinner  . Tanah Lot is a Balinese Hindu Temple on the rock and the seawater encircles it when the sea water is tide. It is looking like adrift in on the ocean as well as owns the magnificent view of sunset in the late afternoon. Furthermore, there are several points to see this temple with all amazing view. At this temple, we can find other Hindu temples like that make it a holy place in Bali. Moreover, we can find the holy snakes dwelling the cave in front of Tanah Lot Temple with small donation to see them directly.

The best time to Visit Tanah Lot is around so you can enjoy the view of the cliff, green garden view, the big wave and performance Traditional Balinese Kecak Dance with additional fee . It will be entrance fee to visit the Tanah lot Area. It around $5-$8 / Person.













KTS Packages Jati Luwih Tour for 250.K/Person. Minimum 2 people, Max 4 person. This price not including Entrance fee and performance fee but included :

  1. Car and driver speaking English.
  2. Soft drink and Aqua water.
  3. Stop at beautiful Taman Ayun Temple.
  4. Stop at Alas Kedaton Temple ( Monkey forest)
  5. Jati Luwih the best rice terrace view.

Jatiluwih is a favorite tourist destination in Bali famous with the beautiful rice terrace unfolding from the foot of mountain until the coastal side. It is one of places to visit in Bali with the beautiful view as according to its name from Jati and luwih, where Jati mean really and Luwih meaning especial, good, and beautiful or the equivalent. The local paddies are planted in this place look typically of the high relative size plant if it is compared with other pre-eminent paddy planted by most farmers in Bali . Despitefully, Jatiluwih also famous with its organic agriculture system due to the location is located in the in the plateau of Watukaru Mount which is suitable for the agriculture development. It has been well appointed as one of UNESCO World Heritages since the site has been able to maintain the local culture heritage in form of water irrigation system managed traditionally called by SUBAK.

Best time to Visit Jati Luwih is afternoon it is around as we will visit others Tourism place before Jati Luwih like Alas Kedaton( Monkey Forest), Taman Ayun Temple.



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KTS Packages Bedugul Tour for 300.K/person. minimum 2 people, max 4 person. This price not including entrance fee and performance fee but included :

  1. Car and driver speaking English.
  2. Soft drink and Aqua water.
  3. Stop at beautiful Taman Ayun Temple.
  4. Stop at botanical garden,Ulun Danu Temple,
  5. Vegetable and tropical fruit market and waterfall.

KTS Bedugul Tour is a Bali Full Day Tour Packages to visit Bedugul village with cool atmosphere and Visit Bali Bedugul Botanical Garden and other tourist destination. Recommended to take this tour in the Morning from our Villa as the weather on the top of the mountain is cloudy most of the time. This is an exciting tour packages to enjoy the beauty of nature panorama, Bedugul Tour will visit Taman Ayun Temple is beautiful temple located in mengwi regency with lake surrounded and beautiful architecture. Then tour continue visiting Coffee Plantations to watch and taste the balinese coffe and the animal coffe or known as a Luwak Coffe. Then tour continue visiting Bali Botanical Garden is a park with large area and as a place for recreation parks, in here you will see number scientific services and facilities in support of plant research and conservations including herbarium, library, glasshouses, nursery and plants registration database. Then tour continue visiting the floating temple of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in beratan lake, this temple is famous as a tourist destination in north bali islands. Then tour continue visiting Candi Kuning Market for see the traditional vegetable and fruit market,and than tour continue visitingwaterfall while pass the Monkey hill










KTS Packages Uluwatu Tour for 250.K/person. minimum 2 people, max 4 person. This price not including entrance fee and performance fee but included :

  1. Car and driver speaking English.
  2. Soft drink and Aqua water.
  3. Stop at GWK, Blue point
  4. Stop at Uluwatu Temple for sunset and kecak dance
  5. Dinner at Jimbaran bay

KTS  Uluwatu Tour is a Bali Half Day Tour and exciting short trip to visit the Uluwatu Temple, The most famous Balinese temple in the south part of Bali with breathtaking sunset view of rock cliff temple facing to the Indian ocean. It is recommended to take the Tour in the Afternoon around 2.00 pm as we will stop in some interesting tourism place around Jimbaran Villages,and   Watching the Kecak and Fire Dance Performance near the temple in open air theater, is a spectacular traditional Balinese dance with the group of people playing this dance with fire game, and then the tour will continue to visit Jimbaran Bay Beach for having the delicious Seafood Dinner on the beach, is a beautiful beach located in the southern part of Bali with seafood restaurant along the beach. The Uluwatu Tour will bring you to the wonderful memory with three different experiences as the feature of this package.


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