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Care & Love is our way of practicing the Balinese philosophy, Tri Hita Karana; in life, relationships, and business. Tri Hita Karana or “three paths for prosperity”, has promoted for centuries, that the most important relationships in our human lives are those with God (or personal spirituality), with our natural enviornment, and with our fellow humans. This philosophy helps us all live and prosper on earth in harmony. It’s with this philosophy in-mind that Sudi forged his way in the hospitality industry from the bottom  as entry-level staff in 1995 to the ranks of now owning and co-owning several businesses. Since 2008, him and his great team of colleagues set-up five hospitality schools across Bali. Additionally, Sudi’s Villa; Spa; and Restaurant created in 2014 provides advanced hands-on practice to recent graduates. Finally, interns advance from the Villa to the agency to become crew members for cruise-line and land-based companies.  Sudi loves sharing his experience with younger generations using his global perspective to help them succeed in the hospitality field. This is the foundation and success in which Care & Love is built upon.

Care & Love Mission

Our mission is to implement care and love in everything we do upholding the core philosophy and culture of Bali to promote balance, harmony, and prosperity for all.

Care & Love Vision

Our vision is to develop a program where individuals wishing to excel thier training and experience in toursim and hospitatlity, have access to optimal resources and opportunties nationally and internationally. Doing so, will fully-prepare each student in our program for a successful and rewarding life and career.

The three paths for prosperity are:


Harmony with God











We should thank to God that we born to the beautiful world and Wise person mentioned that everyone born to the world have their own karma from their past. Every single person who were born to this world who believe in Karma have to think, speak, act in the good way, to create the good Karma for our future life. Living harmonize and respecting among Human, Animals and Nature means we appreciate to the God that has been create a beautiful world.



 Harmony with people



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  1. Giving and sharing our life experience to each others (To be Volunteer for Teacher)
  2. Sharing the job opportunities on land or sea (Recruiter)
  3. Helping our Community who needs help to get a better life (To be Volunteer for Donator )


Harmony with natural environment




Sambut Hut Korem Ke 55  Pemkab Karangasem Bersama Kodim 1623 Karangasem Tanam Pohon Di Bukit Pura Gumang_848446a


So if you stay, dine or join with  our activities it means you are inderectly  join with the above activities.

Thank you so much indeed for your kinds Attention.



Care & Love Founder

Nyoman Sudi Artawan.